In the first days of March, Fujifilm Italia participated as a Technical Sponsor in a very interesting Workshop for Creative Portrait.

I had the pleasure of participating as a support for the equipment provided by Fujifilm Italia for the event.

The workshop is held in Puglia in the province of Lecce in the beautiful and evocative Tenuta Monacelli farm.

During the 4 days of training it was mainly about female portrait.
The two masters Alessio Albi and Laura Zalenga have not spared giving all the participants the thoughts, experiences and malice of their work.

In both situations, nature was the main protagonist.
What was very interesting was that the masters dedicated themselves to each individual participant in an exclusive way.

Alessio with the help of a model built in every situation a fil-rouge between human figure and background olive trees, cacti, woods, underground crushers ...

Laura has taken over self-portrait as her field of excellence.

The common line has been to find a personal and exclusive vision within their own images.

Here are some backstage images taken with the recent X100F


For many years I wanted to go to Norway but when my dear friend organized the trip and invited me, I caught the ball and I left!

The main purpose was to live the experience of the Northern Lights, but by doing some research I discovered that Norway offers many other activities to live in full the territory, from the fjords to the sledge dogs tours to the possibility of spending the night In Sami tents, waiting to see the the Northern Lights.

But let's take a step at a time!

The trip was organized in the first week of December 2016 for 3 days.

The climate in the Fjords area, specifically the part that faces the Norwegian Sea, is characterized by conditions often changing in a few minutes, passing from the starry sky and clear to a sudden snowstorm, so not demoralizing is crucial.

Planning is always the heart of such a project and an on-site guide / fixer makes the difference.

In these situations getting prepared is crucial to getting something good at home, and luckily we found a young but very experienced Italian guide that helped us optimize the 3 days available.

During pre-trip preparation I tried to analyze what problems I should have faced.

First of all, surely the cold extremity; a valid advice given to me was to dress in layers to better manage the various conditions, also because often you can not go back to the hotel to change you.

So clothing is one thing to be careful about ... if you're cold working becomes difficult; Hands and feet will be the most sensitive to this aspect because you spend a lot of time standing in the cold with padded gloves making managing camera controls.

The other aspect is the low light and when I say low I mean pretty dark, in fact at that period, except for a few hours between 9.30 and 11 AM in the morning where the sun never did peep (a sort of sunrise / sunset without sun ), the general perception was like late night.


X100F: Riccardo Spatolisano and photography / FUJIFILM

In occasione del prova sul campo della Fujifilm X100F da cui la recensione, ho avuto inoltre la possibilità di girare questo video che spero dia una ulteriore visione di come poter utilizzare questa macchina durante il lavoro quotidiano.

Buona visione! :)


Un particolare ringraziamento lo devo a Stefano Demarie e Giancarlo Zema per la realizzazione del video. 


Il primo amore non si scorda mai...

Onorato di raccontarvi questo bellissimo gioiello nella gamma Fujifilm X-series!


Esce a poco più di due anni dalla precedente versione “T” che ho posseduto per diverso tempo.

Quello che trovate di seguito sono le prime impressioni dopo un test di 2 mesi ca. nelle più svariate situazioni.

L'ho ricevuta nel primi giorni del mese di novembre dello scorso anno e purtroppo non ho potuto metterla alla prova durante un matrimonio ma al più presto non mancherò...

Se avete visto il mio video sulla versione “S” saprete che la utilizzo anche per la fotografia di matrimonio e la trova uno strumento davvero eccezionale in ogni situazione.

Dopo aver testato l'X-Pro2 l’anno scorso ho avuto la fortuna di essere invitato da Fujifilm Italiaper collaudare la pre-release della nuova macchina fotografica, la X100F.

Devo dire che in quest’ultima versione, ha superato ogni mia aspettativa.